Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Beauty Chronicles with Asthetica Spa

Bikini body. We all want it. 
But we all don't have it. 

You may know that I'm an avid runner and semi workout freak. But just like everyone else (ok, *most* people ;-), we have that one area that just won't do what we want it to. Enter Cool Sculpting. The non-evasive, FDA approved, painless way to fix the unfixable with diet & exercise. 

I visited Dr. Anne Taylor a few weeks ago for help. She knows my exercise & healthy eating routine so I thought if anyone could help, it would be her. I was right. 

It's funny. I have abs, yet I had small 'flanks' in my back area that just HAD to go! Dr. Taylor to the rescue!

Cool Sculpting is done by putting your problem areas into a painless device that freezes fat cells. The entire process takes approx. 1 hour. That's it! I started seeing results within days and within weeks, all gone! 

 (2 weeks after Cool Sculpting)
Cool Sculpting is well worth it! Whereas I had my flanks done, Cool Sculpting works on belly fat, inner/outer thighs, arms and more. 
 (Miami - June 2016. 4 weeks after Cool Sculpting)

Call Dr. Taylor today at  614-569-5649  (you won't regret it!) to schedule. And note, she's having many July specials so deals, deals, deals!

Friday, January 8, 2016

A little coffee....

(tee from GLAM356)

Hi lovely followers (and visitors, lurkers.....stalkers ;-) alike! xoxo) 

I'm writing to first say, "Good Morning!" 

Second, after much MUCH thought, I've decided to take a 'blog break' to focus on traveling and really making a difference in helping others. Not to say that this blog hasn't helped others, (and who says I'm leaving it forever)....forever is such a strong word). Just taking some time to do what I feel is calling me right now - travel, take life by the horns by helping and ENJOY IT!

I can't tell you how many trips I've been on and just haven't ever really, I mean REEEEALLY unplugged. I was almost always thinking of the blog, what to post, when to post, what will my followers like/enjoy.....and that's not even mentioning the editing process.....Fellow bloggers, you know what I'm talking about. LOL

On another note, the good Lord has been tugging at me for a while to DO SOMETHING. Well, yes, I've been doing a lot of somethings but not the something that's been tugging at me.

I've always enjoyed helping others. It's just in my nature. But various projects, events, etc seemed to prevent me from getting all that I wanted to do, done. 

Now, let me just clarify that yes, I'll still attend functions as they arise (you didn't think you'd get rid of me that quickly did you? ;-), I just won't be documenting them here this (as of now). 


I still have my Instagram presence so please follow along there. :-)

....And if you're like me, as my tee above says, "All (you) need today is a little bit of coffee and a lot of JESUS."

Bye for now peeps! And thank you, THANK YOU for the wonderful journey you've taken me on! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Aesthetica. Beauty Done Right!

I really never gave much concern to 'beauty' per se other than 'beauty products.' Only in the past few years have I learned that preventive care is the truest form of keeping what you've got, looking good. 

Enter Dr. Anne Taylor (second from left). 
She's been in the business for 20 years, graduated Summa cum laude from Denison University and to say she's a master at her craft, is an understatement. 

I started seeing Dr. Taylor in 2015 and since then, I've learned that taking care of the biggest organ in our body, our skin, is the best thing you can do for your beauty well being.

You, like me, have probably tried every skin cream on the market, with minimal if any visible results. After my  initial visit to Dr. Taylor, I saw results within days! Results that I'd tried to achieve through various 'miracle' creams etc. Ladies (and gents), she knows what she's doing and does it to perfection!

I strongly encourage you to visit Dr. Taylor and her wonderful staff (really, they are the sweetest people).

When you ask? just so happens that Dr. Taylor is having a grand opening at her new office at The Shops at Worthington (7227 N. High St. Worthington, OH) on January 29th. The event is going on all day (so you have no excuse not to stop in). 

And on that day, for you injectable fans, she's having a Botox special for $10 per unit!

I'd be remiss not to mention that Dr. Taylor also specializes in:

*Body Conturing
*Breast Enhancement
*Facial Procedures & Non-surgical procedures

Got questions? Call the office at 614-569-2649. It'll be the best call you'll make this year. Trust me!

Last, I just have to show off the new Aesthetica Surgery & Spa offices. Enjoy! And hope to see you on the 29th!

Waiting area and coffee cafe

Blue tones. So serene!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bubble & Bling. Party Time at Minka's Furs.

Last week in the midst of my travels, I managed to make a quick stop at home to attend the Minka's Fur's 'Bubbles & Bling' party. 

The new store is now open at The Shops at Worthington in Worthington, OH. And the store has some great fur finds. Unique? Definitely! Classic? That too. Not into fur? Then the jewelry selection is what you need to see. Several pieces I myself added to my want list ;-) And the best part is that everything is so reasonably priced! My kind of store :-)

 Gorgeous white oak hardwoods set the scene for the treats that await you inside. Come on in!

Ok. I'll start with the first piece that's on my must have list. The feather trim cap. The owner, Jasmine, told me that the feathers are not dyed. They are in fact natural color. Forgive me for being absent minded and forgetting what type feathers they are but trust me when I say this piece is stunning in person. There's also a beautiful lining inside. Please, please call the store and snap this up!....before I do! ;-) It's also one of a kind. Even better!

For the texting for everyone. Fingerless fur trum gloves. Super warm. Super efficient.

What can I say about the rainbow fur vest above right? What except that it's calling me....

Alright. On to jewelry. These agate and 14k gold genuine gemstone rings. Yes and yes many times over. Not for the faint of heart....and I've never been accused of that....

Ending with one of my favorite pieces in the store. These cuffs are everything! Really. 

(What I'm wearing:
Dress - Kiss & Wink)

Minka's Furs 614-578-2444
7227 North High St. 
Worthington, OH 43085

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


In my what has turned out to be almost two whole months of travel, I made it to The Windy City, aka Chicago, to see a dear friend of mine. And what fun we had! 

Chicago is a great city itself but the trip was even better with the one that used to be my right hand, left brain and any other add-on that's fitting when we worked together at Fashion Week Columbus. My darling Mat left this summer for the move to Chicago and I've missed him dearly. So no better time than the present to book a flight and go!

We hit the town day and night. (And he kept me out way past my bedtime a few nights ;-) Thank you to my hotel for the in-room Kurig and the decaf I never thought I'd drink. Yes I knew what was coming in the morning if I didn't have a 'pre-coffee' before morning. LOL

At Taverna 750

The awesome pinkness in front of The Langham Hotel. 

Drinks......and more drinks......

Street walking Wicker Park style in Louis Vuitton wrap and Minka's Furs rabbit leg warmers that'll be getting much wear this season.

Did I ever tell you how much of a city girl I am? Well I am. And planning a move soon! Stay tuned to see what city it shall be ;-)

Just because..... 

No I don't wear my sunglasses at night (usually)....unless I'm feeling myself but the city at night is art of its own.

Flight time attire. 
Until next time Chi-Town! xoxo
(Wearing Top Shop sweater, Hermes scarf, Vera Wang ankle boots)

See you guys back here Thursday! Yep, Christmas Eve!