Monday, August 3, 2015

Something's Fishy.....

...I discovered this necklace some time ago. I don't think anyone ever figured out why I'd buy a necklace made of purple wooden fish but alas, I did. I liked it so why not? I've worn it a few times (I think) and decided it needed its own post. Actually, it made its debut in 2011 right here on this blog. (Feel free to find the original post. I'd like to see it myself ;-)

I've paired it with a simple white tank (after all, the fish are the stars) and a simple little diddy from H&M. Oh! and my summer faves, one of them at least, Vanessa Mooney for Dolce Vita block heels. 

Happy August Fashionistas!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Under Construction.

My penchant for interesting backdrops is never ending. If only you could see some of the ones I find "unique," "interesting" or my favorite to the husband, "Oh! We have to shoot here!"....To which he responds with a wide eyed look of "No. We don't. It's dangerous, we may be kidnapped" or my favorite, "we may get arrested.".....You only live once.....although I don't have any desire to get kidnapped or arrested. ;-)

What I'm wearing:
Headband - Lucy
Heels - Michael Antonio
Earrings - vintage

Friday, July 24, 2015

Basics, not Basic.

Casual day for me. All white with just a pop here and there. Sometimes I do do simple ;-)

What I'm wearing:
Tank & Hat- Banana Republic
Jeans - Old Navy
Sneakers - Nike