Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Looking Back

Choosen by IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) Top 20 Post

With Fashion Week on tomorrows horizon, it got me thinking of some of the faces that helped make the fashion world special.

Here, some of the models and images I love.

Helena Christensen

Beri Smither

Cindy Crawford

Milla Jovovich

Gia Carangi

Naomi Campbell

Linda Evangelista

Images courtesy of Google Images

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  1. Beautiful blast from the past :)
    Sweet post.

  2. One special post at last!
    We all care about what's hot now but only a few want to know who were the first people in the industry when it started raising!
    you've done a great job with the blog!
    check mine out if you have time!!

  3. I know. To me, these are some of the models who REALLY helped shape fashion today. One, who made a bigger impact on "Supermodel" than Cindy, Naomi and Linda Evangelista?

  4. Amazing!.

    These womens are so timeless!.
    Luv the Milla Jovovich and Helena Christensen photos!.

  5. All Gorgeous, but Helena is my favourite!

  6. You would almost forget how much impact these models had in the 90's. I adored Cindy Crawford. For me she was strong and different. Great post!

  7. It's true, these women and iconic images have carved the way for what fashion is today!

  8. Second picture of Millia Jovovich is <3

  9. great post. And I looove Helena, she looks amazing.

  10. So beautiful! It's so inspirational to see these images- thanx for sharing.