Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Enough Feet - Jeffrey Campbell, Giuseppe Zanotti, et al.

I like shoes.

Heels in particular.  When normal people were wearing a sensible 3 inch heel, I was wearing 4 inches.

When 4 inch heels came in vogue, I opted for 5 inches plus.  Soon, I may have to invest in stilts.....

As a friend of mine can attest to, there was a point in time where I was so used to wearing sky high heels that when I walked sock or bare footed, I would walk on the balls and toes of my feet as I was so uncomfortable walking flat footed.  Strange but true.

Anyway,  I've recently developed this obsession with Jeffrey Campbell shoes and one shoe in particular - "Foxy".

I cannot get this shoe out of my head.  And the fact that its reasonably priced ($120), doesn't make it any better.  Heck!  I can't even decide on a color......

What I have decided is that Jeffrey Campbell has a hold on me.
"So Crazy"



"Why Stop"

Why indeed?....

Giuseppe Zanotti
Finally!  A sufficient wedge heel. ;-)

Sam, Phillip & Christian.

(Edelman, Lim & Louboutin for anyone wondering)

Last but not least - Haus of Price

....Maybe in my next life I'll have more feet.....


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  2. Ah, shoesss. Those 'Foxy' ones are so gorgeous. I love Jeffrey Campbell. You're right, the taller the better.

  3. Tereza, SH and Meagan <thank you for visiting again). xoxoxo

  4. What a gorgeous collection of shoes you have! I think I am equally obsessed with those Jeffery Campbell "Foxy"'s!

  5. I think my favs are the Zanottis! btw, I am also from TPF :)

  6. Lindsey, the Foxy's rock! Love the simplicity and the high, high heel.

    Priscilla, I'm on a hunt for the Zanotti's as they're sold out right now.